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A.C.K. Yoga Program - Karate in Asheville, NC


Special Introductory Yoga Class for Older Adults

8 morning classes (8 weeks), 75 minutes each [NOTE: specific day & time yet to be determined]

$7-$10 per class sliding scale (pay what you can)

$40 for all 8 classes, if paid in advance

A.C.K. Institute, 1408-A Patton Avenue in West Asheville

About Yoga

Yoga has much to offer to people in their "second 50 years," even to those who practice only a short time each day or only take a class once a week. For the body, yoga rejuvenates by relieving tight or overworked muscles, increasing both flexibility and strength, as well as improving blood and lymph circulation, positively affecting how organ and immune systems function. By also focusing attention on the breath, yoga teaches a means of centering that calms, yielding a sense of peace many find uplifting. As the body becomes more balanced and centered, the mind becomes more clear and present, developing a respite, if not an antidote, to the constant mental busyness of thoughts and concerns. Beyond all this, perhaps the greatest benefits of yoga revolve around positive effects of heightened body awareness and a feeling of well-being that last throughout the day.

Chas's Journey to Teaching Yoga

Having retired from 28 years of college teaching, Chas Jansen has refocused his teaching skills on another kind of senior, specializing in yoga "for the second 50 years." The opportunity to begin teaching yoga came with his own retirement, but the inspiration to teach older adults came from his mother who died in 1999 at age 80. Helping her to remain active so that she could stay in her own home gave rise to what he refers to as something of a calling. Certified and teaching since 2002, Chas has studied with nationally known teachers in various traditions, augmenting the Iyengar approach which, together with the therapeutic emphasis of Vini Yoga, is the basis of the gentle yoga he teaches.

Intentions & Goals of Yoga for the Second 50 Years

Developing an overall body awareness (abilities & limitations)
Exploring conscious breathing in movements and for meditation
Improving body alignments & posture awareness
Extending/maintaining range of motion in joints
Toning & strengthening muscle groups
Enhancing the skill of balance
Practicing mental focus for better clarity and functioning
Building self-confidence
Learning to relax the body and mind
Creating community as part of good health & well-being

General Class Structure

This is an introductory class open to everyone, regardless of age, condition, ability, and prior experience with yoga. All classes will include:

Exercises: Gentle stretching, strengthening, and balancing movements that can be done in a chair, in bed, in a pool, in a wheelchair, or on the floor.

Breathing Techniques: Slow, diaphragmatic breathing techniques that strengthen the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Relaxation and meditation: Step-by-step procedures that release tension throughout the body, improve concentration, increase circulation to the heart, and brighten mood.

Principles: Ideas from yoga philosophy that enhance creative thought, promote inner growth. And stimulate intuition

Equipment Required: Your own yoga mat

Participant Comments

"The yoga teacher is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and takes time for individual questions and help .... I was very hesitant about taking the yoga class, knowing constant movement and lack of concentration are my weaknesses. I am in the class under physician's orders for hypertension. Something I thought I would hate - I love!" - Anonymous comment, Training Partners Yoga class evaluation

"This is a great class, a wonderful way to begin the week. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is a good, caring instructor. He is interested in each of us and our aches and pains, and how to help us feel better." - Anonymous comment, Training Partners Yoga class evaluation

"I do yoga because it's good for my body and my soul, and at 85 it still keeps me young." - Givens Estates class participant

"Through the years, yoga has kept my body flexible, my mind alert, and made space for my spiritual self to grow." - Givens Estates class participant

"I trust Chas's Knowledge of older bodies to challenge us, but keep us safe." - Givens Estates class participant

A.C.K. Yoga Program: for more information contact us at (828)255-1914

This could change your life! Come see about your personal development!