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About the A.C.K. - History, Purpose, and Methods


The human race became the dominate species on earth because it had built into its genetic makeup a potential for aggressiveness and brutality that assured survival among the early competing species. Unfortunately, when mankind eventually dominated the planet, his attempts to socialize and create civilization were not always successful at transforming his earlier 'aggressive' nature into something more constructive that could evolve to a higher state.

Crime, wars, and inhumane behavior plagued the development of mankind through the ages, and remain a serious hurdle today for overall peace and advancing worldwide civilization. Fifteen hundred years ago Chinese monks looked at the state of mankind and society, and took upon themselves the task of building a better human being - and one individual at a time - a better world. Thus was born the idea and goal of the martial arts.

The original purpose of the martial arts on an individual level was – SELF ENLIGHTENMENT – the realization of one’s full potentials. This was based on the belief and truth that down deep, man was basically good. With a clarity of vision that preceded the far later discoveries by science, these monks looked at a man and knew he must be addressed as a total 'entity' for effective development. They recognized the primary parts of man as physical (the body), mental (the mind), and spiritual (the life force, or awareness unit - the individual himself). Then they set about to create ways to evolve a man in each area.

Fifteen hundred years of insightful thought and trial and error produced an understanding of man and the requirements necessary for his development that resulted in a body of knowledge so true and effective that it has stood the test of time. It is as much needed and sought after today by wise individuals who seek to protect and better themselves, as it was ages ago. The martial arts gives one effective self defense skills necessary to survive the dangers of life, while society and individuals continue to evolve and become more peaceful and sane over time. But it also instills in each individual a rigid code of ethical conduct, and develops strength of character based on a commitment to virtuous conduct. This is essential to properly guide and restrain the use of such lethal physical abilities.

Once one’s safety and survival is assured through physical training, the martial arts turn the individual’s attention and effort toward the control and conscious development of his mind, attitudes, and behavior. The mind, like an advanced computer, has many abilities not commonly known, that when used, vastly increase the individual’s potential to easily achieve greater, more significant things in his life. Then, the essence of a man, the spiritual being, can be addressed and understood, and the natural spiritual abilities – those separate from physical or mental abilities – can be developed, and the true power of the individual harnessed to achieve even greater goals. This is self enlightenment, and does not require or exclude any specific religion or philosophy. The martial arts have always been separate from any specific religion, but embody the benevolent goals and principles of them all. Hence it is compatible with all forms of thought, and attempts to change none.

The A.C.K. Institute of Martial Arts was founded out of a need to carry on and achieve the noble purpose and original goals of the martial arts. For nearly 40 years it has maintained and evolved specialized knowledge and cutting edge methods of instruction imparting the full scope of the martial arts. The A.C.K. teaches the original physical form of American Kenpo as developed by Grandmaster Edmund Parker and taught directly to Shidoshi P.S. Wimberly, beginning in 1965. This very simple but sophisticated form of self defense - which quickly gained a world wide reputation for its street lethal effectiveness - has not been changed in the A.C.K., as it has in recent years in other kenpo schools. It is characterized by high speed combinations of strikes, both straight line and circular movements, and utilizes the feet and hands equally. It is a fluid, highly mobile form of fighting. However, added to the physical training of this art, are programs unique to the A.C.K. which develop advanced mental and spiritual abilities, in a down to earth, understandable, and attainable manner. This vital knowledge was the result of 30 years of comprehensive study in the most advanced mental and spiritual technologies existing. The training inevitably leads each student to extraordinary perceptions, abilities, and power beyond common human experience. As with the early Shaolin monks, personal empowerment, character development, and a fuller grasp of the reality the universe presents us, is the primary focus of training in the A.C.K.

The advanced technology of the A.C.K. develops an individual whose personal power comes from his ability to connect to virtuous energy sources outside himself, and is focused in his actions in life through an unshakable perspective of moral and ethical values and a deeper understanding of the broader purpose of life. He is given a code to live by. THE STUDENT IS DEVELOPED NOT JUST AS A WARRIOR, BUT AS A SAGE AS WELL. This is a program and an achievement, unlike any other, anywhere. While martial arts instruction in most schools during the last 15 years has often deteriorated to just a sport or tournament form, devoid of methodical mental or spiritual training and specific character development, the A.C.K. continues to methodically create extraordinary individuals, on all three levels, and thus fulfills the original promise of the martial arts. One should not settle for less than this in choosing a school, one which should effect and influence the course of ones’ life in a profound manner.

Such advanced development requires a superior training method and a very supervised, structured program. In the research and development years of the A.C.K., 1970 to 1990, it was found such significant development could only be achieved through the format of PRIVATE LESSONS. Harvard learning studies had repeatedly shown that an individual learns 5 to 15 times faster in private lessons, rather than the common group training format seen today in all schools. Each student at the A.C.K. is assigned a personal trainer who stays with him through all the belt levels, and takes full responsibility for his development and success. Each student has one private lesson each week. However, to train the body to respond automatically, independent of conscious direction from the being, lengthy repetition is required to program responses and movements into the body. Thus longer, more repetitive group lessons are also part of the program. Groups are small, restricted to six students or less. More importantly, every student in each group will be the same belt level. Groups are not mixed, as they are in most schools. Each training level is designated as a physical, mental, or spiritual level, and training is focused accordingly, with knowledge and drills which will achieve those specified abilities. Frankly, there is no finer training or personal development program to be found anywhere.

Auxiliary training in other areas with different modalities is also offered by the A.C.K. Our ongoing training for juniors (ages 5 – 11 years) and the separate program for Yoga students, are as comprehensive, well structured, and knowledge oriented as our regular martial arts program. The Women’s Intensive Self-Defense Training Course offers a short term training experience with fantastic results. Frequent seminars addressing various matters such as ‘Couples-Relationship Management’, ‘Body Cleansing/detoxification’, effective ‘Interaction with the 3 Different Types of People’, ‘Ground fighting and Weapons defense’, and ‘Spiritual Abilities to Create the Future’, afford interesting and useful knowledge and abilities in other areas of life.

Clearly, the A.C.K. is very serious about the task we have undertaken – THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND, THROUGH THE BETTERMENT OF EACH INDIVIDUAL. While this is a serious and profound task, we have not lost sight of the need to enjoy such an experience. You will find a relaxed and positive attitude within our dojo, and a dedicated type of brotherhood and individual support within our ‘family’ which has always characterized a proper martial arts school. You will never find more caring professionals, dedicated to their task, than in the A.C.K. We invite you to join us on what may serve as the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life!


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