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Getting Started with the A.C.K.


There are a variety of unique developmental programs at the A.C.K. All of the programs are guaranteed to produce a result beyond the expectations of the student. The programs are simple, safe, and very effective. Personal attention in a professional yet friendly atmosphere is the hallmark of all our training, and assures rapid success. With a ‘no contract’ monthly tuition, each student's private lessons are scheduled to his convenience and choosing. The group lessons (limited to only 4-6 students of the same belt color) are scheduled afternoons, evenings, and weekends. This is the most user-friendly scheduling, of any school, anywhere.

Adult students begin with the very comprehensive Introductory Program (see below) which allows them to get familiar with the A.C.K., its clientele, knowledge and quality, goals and purposes - long before beginning regular training.

The Introductory Program (Adults) – A comprehensive, 4 session introduction to the martial arts and our unique training knowledge. Intriguing sample of our three kinds of training – the physical, mental, and spiritual. Private lessons are scheduled to your convenience! A must education for anyone 'shopping around' or looking for an advanced training program.
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The Juniors Program (Juniors 8-12 yrs.) – A simple, fun way to learn real self defense skills fast! Safe, small classes stressing character development, self control, and self esteem meet twice a week for one hour. Specialized instructors for children insure a high comfort level. This program develops social manners, ethical values, and greatly empowers each child with a sense of special abilities and self worth.
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The Yoga Program"Yoga for the Second Fifty Years" with our specialized instructor: Chas Jansen
Focusing on preparatory stretches and strengthening poses that build confidence, improve coordination, and develop a sense of inner peace. Move at your own pace to learn more about yoga and yourself - body, mind, and spirit. This class accommodates both those wishing to deepen their understanding of yoga and those with little or no yoga experience, as well as those resurrecting from patterns of inactivity or from injury. All are welcome.
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The Women’s Intensive Self-Defense Training Course – This intensive, brief course, produces a miraculous change in any women - from a helpless victim to a force to be reckoned with! It includes the necessary preparation to survive any encounter with minimal harm. Focusing on hands-on training in an easy yet realistic environment, students graduate as a very different and empowered person. After eight 2 hr. sessions within a small group, you will achieve a new confidence, peace of mind, and a sense of personal power. A 'must' for any woman.
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