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Orientation to the Martial Arts


While the martial arts have served for thousands of years as a vehicle to move one toward human perfection, most people only know it to be a means of self defense. Unfortunately, there has always been a need to protect oneself from bullies and criminals who cannot use their wits to achieve their needs in life. They must resort to brute force to pray on those weaker than themselves, and take what they cannot or have not earned.

The martial arts, sophisticated training in the use of physical force in combat situations, has provided the answer for those who refuse to be victims to physical intimidation and harm. Fighting skills and personal empowerment give one peace of mind, and the confidence to think, speak, and behave as one chooses in an increasingly aggressive and often hostile environment. Proper training turns the human body into a weapon, always present with you and ready for instant use. This serves each individual as the best personal insurance one could ever possess.

Sometimes overshadowed by its dramatic fighting prowess, the profound truth of the martial arts is that its original and primary purpose was always - SELF ENLIGHTENMENT. It developed as a path for an individual to reach his full potentials – physically, mentally, and spiritually. It always affords one a personal code to live by based on virtue and ethics, and empowers the individual with the strength to mold his own character and uphold a way of life of his choosing. In short, it grants freedom to be and do as one sees fit, guided by a maturing of character and a tradition of honor. The A.C.K. ensures that all of these elements are thoroughly attended to witihin its comprehensive training program.

There is a great deal more to the martial arts than is commonly known and the following articles help orient the new student to the broader goals and experience the martial arts offers. From the history and essence of the martial arts, to general concepts, and what to expect - these articles will aid the beginning student in his first important steps along this exciting and personally transforming new path.

Articles of interest: