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A.C.K. Technical / Training Methods


The A.C.K. teaches the original physical form of American Kenpo as evolved by Grandmaster Edmund Parker in the 1950's. Very importantly, the art has been modernized to fit the needs of today's society. Added to the physical form of this art are unique mental and spiritual programs exclusive to the A.C.K., which are the result of 35 years of comprehensive study in the most advanced mental and spiritual technologies existing. This advanced training inevitably leads each student to extraordinary perceptions, abilities, and personal power beyond common human experience.

The development of the A.C.K. training program was a labor of love spanning over 40 years of Founder P.S. Wimberly's life. The technology was created after worldwide travel seeking out the best of physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge and training techniques. Through reason and decades of trial and error development, the unique A.C.K. program was refined into the most comprehensive and advanced training existing in the martial arts today.

Incorporating mental and spiritual knowledge and abilities into the physical technique has created a technology far beyond traditional forms of the martial arts. In this manner, the A.C.K. regularly produces martial artists to rival the tales of black belt warriors of the past.

Personal attention, fast progress, and guaranteed success are assured through the format of private lessons and small (all same color belt) groups. A gradient approach to speed and power allows the individual to progress at his own rate, in complete safety. A cutting edge, methodical program designates each belt level as specifically physical, mental, or spiritual training, and stresses principles and understanding.

The following articles are a sample of the unique knowledge and training available in these three areas at the A.C.K.

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