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A.C.K. Technical / Training Methods


Mental abilities are 'senior' to physical abilities. That is to say, with mental techniques one can do things which one cannot do with the body or physical abilities alone.

The truth of the body/mind relationship is: As one thinks - it is manifested in the body. By utilizing the mind in specific ways - the performance of the body is enhanced beyond its normal physical limits!

An example of this is found in the mental technique called Visualization. By 'seeing' in one's mind an image of something which possesses the characteristic one wishes - the energy fields of the body are immediately altered to harmonize with the same frequency of the image in the mind. That ability (whether speed, power, stability, or agility, etc.) is then enhanced and manifested in the body to a very noticeable extent.

The following technical articles from a student course manual contain a simple example of altering the physical result through the influence of the mind.