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A.C.K. Technical / Training Methods


The most striking characteristic of A.C.K. training is its emphasis on knowledge. The teaching does not consist of instructors showing the student a move and expecting him to copy it, thus 'learning' it. Instruction does include the in depth theory and principles behind every strike, movement, or strategy. The 'why' is emphasized, not just the 'how.' In this manner, every student is taught as though they were being groomed to become an instructor themselves one day.

The first two levels of training concentrate on training the body - 'physical training.' The first level concerns all the basic moves. Stances, footwork, strikes, blocks, and kicking are drilled in a manner which programs the movements into the mind for later automatic reuse. The second level concentrates on the application of these movements in actual use.

The following are technical samples of physical training bulletins from the student course manuals.

The Basics - Training and Development
The Art of Kicking - Factors of Effectiveness
Combat Breathing