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A.C.K. Technical / Training Methods


Spiritual abilities are easily seen to be 'senior' to physical or mental abilities as they can be employed to achieve objectives and results not possible with physical or mental techniques.

Generally, spiritual techniques involve creating and directing a flow of energy to accomplish a certain result. Flowing energy is not a mystical affair and is simply the directing of one's attention. Energy can be flowed toward and condensed in one's stance to create a more heavy or solid foundation. Similarly, energy can be created and flowed into a strike to greatly increase its power.

The deeper understanding of such spiritual phenomenon and abilities enable A.C.K. instructors to explain and demonstrate such concepts in down-to-earth terms. These can be easily understood and achieved by students in a very short period of time. Vague Zen-like concepts such as 'being one with the all' or 'arousing your chi' are not a part of A.C.K. training - just the results are.

The A.C.K. has a uniquely broad and deep base of spiritual understanding and developmental techniques. Spiritual training opens the door to understanding oneself and reclaiming one's natural 'spiritual' abilities. Hence it is the road to self enlightenment - the original goal of the martial arts.

The following technical articles from student course manuals are simple beginning spiritual concepts and abilities all students routinely achieve in early training.